iCTABLE is the basis for all models and editions. With each model (such as the iCTABLE Pro) or edition (such as the iCTABLE eSports Machine) new features, exclusive designs and/or accessories are added.

For example, iCTABLE Pro has more ports and a  new system, AAS Pro, which is bundled for more professional users. In other instance,  iCTABLE eSports Machine inspired the creation of the Martian Cooling System and brings exclusive accessories, such as the SportKit – I and Sport Kit – II.

The differences in detail can be found under “Specifications” section of the website at ictable.com/specifications

We have two iCTABLE models – iCTABLE and iCTABLE Pro. These are the two basic models that also inspired the creation of their editions. For iCTABLE we offer eSports – III, Classic, and the eSports – III “C”, while iCTABLE Pro has three editions – iCTABLE Pro, Music and Artist.

We use the highest quality materials on the market, including: anodized aluminum profiles, ABS plastic, and tempered glass. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Great question, because touch-screen technologies are being used in more ways than ever before and we are in early development of the surface top touch-screen option. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Yes! You can even put your PC in one Universal Holder and install your console/second computer in the other Memory Vault, and even connect another console in the middle! Really, the possibilities of iCTABLE are limitless. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

We’re excited to introduce the “Easy-Pay” option where you pay a third of any iCTABLE perk to reserve your preferred model now and pay the rest later into two additional installments. Additionally, you will be able to upgrade your perk choice and add the shipping fee either in the second or third payment. For more detailed information, you can visit our website, ictable.com

Our iCTABLE Triple AAS is able to withhold displays, all-in-ones, and peripherals up to 120 pounds of total weight. Any weight exceeding 120 pound is highly discouraged. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

There is no restriction on the size of the monitor, however larger sizes will limit diversity and adjustment with other peripherals. Therefore, we recommend using monitors up to 32in in size on multi-monitor setups. For the use of larger sized monitors we recommend the iCTABLE Pro. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

You are capable of customizing AAS, however there will be less color schemes to choose from then for iCTABLE. But there still is a variety of patterns and many different colors to choose from.

The King Of Net System is a configuration of several elements: The King of Net Universal Holder, Memory Vault Box, MonstroGrab BridgeBox, Spinal Cord, and the Ports. All of these elements make up the System known as The King Of Net System, where each element plays a crucial role in iCTABLE.

Yes, the Universal Holder does support Mac Pro, but models from years 2010-2012 only, and only iCTABLE Pro and its editions are compatible with the older Mac Pro models. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Yes, you are even able to install up to 4 mITX motherboards into iCTABLE (as 2 mITX motherboards fit into one TKON) by purchasing a second TKON. The integration would work only on iCTABLE+ and Pro models. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Of course! However, you still need the Memory Vault installed for the drawer to open properly.

The Martian Cooling System brings nearly silent CPU/GPU cooling, by combining air flow cooling with liquid cooling. Additionally, it’s significantly more efficient due to the four water channels on each level and dues to the fact that the system is Open Loop. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

“OL” means “Open-Loop” , as opposed to the current liquid cooling systems that are closed-looped. By integrating an open-loop water flow system you are able to control the liquid level inside, replace the liquid at will, and reduce the pressure on the tubes drastically by minimizing the risk of leaking or bursting. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

There’s always a chance of a leak in any liquid cooling system, but with the Martian Cooling System we have drastically reduced the chances of such occurrences with an enclosed pump that is stored below the King of Net Universal Holder, and through the inclusion of the open-looped system that goes through durable tubes. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

After our campaign ends we will contact all of our backers to confirm their pre-order and to choose customization, accessories and add-on choices.

In iCTABLE, you are able to customize everything: from the shade of panels to 3-D printing your own Corner Cups. Similar to the chameleon, a creature which inspired a concept of Adaptive Design, iCTABLE is able to adapt to any environment, anywhere, anytime. And the easy Slide-In/Slide-Out method allows to switch the components and design of iCTABLE super-fast. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

1.     Go to our website at www.ictable.com

2.     Go to “3DpF”

3.     Select the item you are interested in to 3D print

4.     At the bottom there will be a download link for a 3D Base Template

5.     After downloading open the template in the application that is most suitable for you

6.     Design your own

7.     3D Print your creation

8.      Install it into iCTABLE

*This feature is not yet available. Coming soon to ictable.com

iCTABLE will come with separate parts pre-assembled, leaving you to only combine them and install the electronics. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Yes, as iCTABLE is modular it is possible to upgrade from each machine to another. For more information contact us at my@ictable.com

Yes, before we ship the first iCTABLEs, we will have thorough assembly instructions and videos ready for all models.

If you have questions or regards about iCTABLE please contact us at my@ictable.com or message us on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ictable

To contact us send us an email at it@ncct.io

“iC” stand for indDesk computer, and because iCTABLE is the world’s first inDesk computer table, we named it iCTABLE.

 iCTABLE is fairly easy to assembly and disassembly, with each of its separate parts being very light. The heaviest part of iCTABLE is the tempered glass panel, but it can substituted for another material. As for its weight, the weight depends on the type of Arm Adjustable System used as well as the type of monitor. For example, iCTABLE Pro supports 48-inch TV’s. Thus, the weight will largely depend on the type of components you will choose. But that can also be a benefit, as all professionals know, that with a heavier body of the computer, the vibrations are decreased, which in turn also decreases the amount of noise the computer generates and also increases stability.

iCTABLE supports E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboard form factors.




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