PCB Ports System is one of the more significant features of iCTABLE. Part of the iCTABLE Adaptive Design philosophy, the PCB Ports System is used to transform iCTABLE into a workstation specific to your needs. It does so by using the border and decorative frame covers to create hidden passages for PCB Hubs. The PCB Hubs are the key components of the Ports System and are a set of high-quality PCB Hubs which include a various combinations of USB 3.0, SD, mSD, Audio, and USB 3.1 Ports (coming soon). These PCB Hubs are tested individually for quality. However, the true importance of the PCB Hubs and the PCB Ports System itself, is its promise of the future –the PCB Ports System was developed with the intention of using it as a basis for Holographic Projection Modules to realize iCTABLE’s end goal: a true Holographic Station


USB 3.1 Gen. 2  Superspeed  UP to 10  Gbit/s
USB 3.0  Gen. 1 Superspeed  UP to 5  Gbit/s
USB 3.0  Superspeed  UP to 5  Gbit/s
USB 2.0  UP to 480 Mbit/s

Panel Mount Ports

Another important part of the iCTABLE Ports System is the inclusion of the Panel Mount Ports. Available in USB 3.0, USB 2.0 , and RJ45, these ports connect directly to the motherboard and are meant to be used primarily as connections for the peripherals. There are 3 areas where these ports can be mounted: 2 side panels and the Dark Zone.


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