Improving the work efficiency has long been an ambition of many. After all, doing more in the same timeframe would bring incredible benefits to the work flow. Efficient multitasking requires adequate screen space to keep multiple applications simultaneously visible — a view that single monitors alone simply cannot accommodate.

Available studies state that when implementing a multi-monitor system,overall productivity increases by 20–50%. According to the University of Utah study,

multiple screens resulted in 33 percent fewer errors and 16 percent faster time to edit materials

— users no longer need to toggle back and forth between tabs and instead switch between two or more monitors displaying various information. In gaming, players with more screen space can see enemies from afar, increase their field of view and create a more immersive experience. In many instances, gamers with multiple monitors show better results than those that use a single monitor. In other fields, multi-monitor solution reduce erroneous actions which, supplying more time to complete other tasks.

An article from Samsung Insights explores the benefits of using multiple monitors:

“In terms of ergonomics, Dr. Phyllis King, associate director of the Center for Ergonomics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences said in a recent interview, “Studies have shown increased productivity from using dual monitors. A byproduct of that is more comfort, a better workload and a higher level of satisfaction and feeling of support in the workplace.”


While laptops and tablets are used on the go, many workers use them as replacements for a traditional desk station, which isn’t necessarily good for workers. “If you are working on a laptop for any length of time, I highly suggest a more dedicated workstation,” Dr. King says.

“You should get an external keyboard, an external mouse and put the laptop on a stand so it raises the monitor to eye level.” In addition, a large dual-screen setup can provide the optimum level of ergonomics.”



Using multiple monitors benefits every industry because of the enhanced visibility, larger screen space, and improvements to productivity. When using iCTABLE, a multi-monitor option is easy to setup, with the Arm Adjustable System providing an elegant mounting solution and extensive positional capabilities. With iCTABLE, ergonomics and productivity become second nature, enabling the users to achieve a better work flow and game experience.

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