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This desk is truly a work of art. While expensive, it is meant to be the last desk you will ever need to buy, as it is 100% modular. The quality in itself is amazing. With the anticipation of this product being able to last me for my entire life, short of upgrading one feature to another, the price is definitely worth it.

Modular – this product is completely modular, meaning that whenever there’s an issue that arises that requires something new, there’s an upgrade. Need to read that micro SD card? Buy a PCB that mounts to the desk. Got a second monitor? Get a second monitor mount. You girlfriend is jealous and wants one too? Buy a second desk! No way to realize you made a mistake with the amount of options they have. Does iCTABLE not sell the item your looking for? The desk is 100% 3D printer friendly. You can print up your parts freely in your own home, and have them fit. It’s fully custom and fully modular.

Good quality – the parts that are used to assemble this desk are high quality. I mean HIGH quality. Your not going to be able to break a bolt, or have a frame snap with the parts associated with it. I am confident that if you are assembling the desk, and need to use one of the profiles for self-defense, you could. Then when you are done, be able to finish without worrying about it being bent or skewed or breaking in any manner. Everything is extremely sturdy to hold this behemoth together, and be able to hold and support all your gear and toys as well.

Lots of desk space – the main factor of this desk is that NOTHING is sitting on it. You look at every other desk, and realize there is no room. Well with this, everything is off the desk. Your monitors are on mounts, your speakers are on stands, and you can even get the sport kit to use as a keyboard tray. But still, using the desktop for just your keyboard and mouse will leave you open for all sorts of room and space for activities. You can freely use a low DPI mouse, and scroll everywhere you desire, moving your entire arm, without bumping into anything else on your desk. And as I said, 3D printing. If you need a mount for something, make it and print it yourself! There is no reason not to have your desk 100% free and clear of everything!

Cable routing for everything – This one is amazing. Everywhere there are hidden paths and mounts for everything, allowing you to run cables everywhere you need to go. And once you run the cables, its set and forget. Everyone hates cable management, but the iCTABLE makes it simple. Run it once, and leave it alone. And even still, if you upgrade a cable, such as going from HDMI to DisplayPort, it’s simple. You can just trace the path of the other cable, and run the same path. You only worry about one cable, not all 30 running all over the place, causing a rats nest to contend with.

Self-contained setup – My favorite thing. This desk is completely self-contained. With how it is designed, if you needed to move the desk, it’s as simple as unplugging the network cable, and the power cable which plug INTO THE DESK. Then it’s completely mobile. Move it where you want, plug in the 2 cables again, and you’re done. Sure, most of your time will be moving this product the few feet to rearrange your room, rather than just making 5 trips for a standard computer, but you don’t need to rerun all your cables either. Set and forget. That’s all you need to worry about. Easier upgrade ability than a regular desktop – I am not going to lie. I was the kind of guy who built a new computer, updated EVERYTHING, even when I didn’t need to. With the iCTABLE, it’s easier to focus on the object you want to upgrade, which is perfect for people like me who want to buy everything. When I upgraded from my z87 setup to my Ryzen setup, rather than buying everything, I was able to focus on exactly what needed to change and how, and ended up saving money. Not to mention, I didn’t have to buy a new case. If you do the math, how many cases do you need to buy to reap the benefits of iCTABLE? Like decent quality cases. Not to mention, this case doubles as a desk as well, among other things. It can be an entire media center if you wish. With the heavy upfront cost, you get the ease of knowing that your future tech transitions will be easier and cost effective one transition at a time. Desk lasts a lifetime – This is the big thing. Siberian Cyber is not planning on just selling out and disappearing. They are working towards a future goal, and plan to be around for a very long time. So this isn’t going to be a “6 month product that just disappears into the darkness”. It’s going to be a life style. Even if you start small, just like your home, and your family, your needs will constantly change. And this desk will change with you. You won’t have to constantly have to buy a new desk because the old one doesn’t fit; either selling the old desk or breaking it down for firewood, then repeating the process when something else comes up. This will be easier and cost effective when you add in your sanity to the equation. Sure you can just buy a 200 dollar desk, but what happens when it’s not big enough to fit that second monitor? Or what happens when your desk ends up not surviving a transition? Or worse yet, what will happen when the spouse says the desk doesn’t say it matches the color of the room! That is a serious problem, but the guys at Siberian Cyber have you covered. Completely modular means multiple colors as well! Your desk can be a chameleon, constantly morphing to meet your needs, and always being there to match what you throw at it. While your family will always be there to support you, so will iCTABLE, no matter how small or large the task.

Modular doesn’t mean easy – Just because Modular is great, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. That one part you need to swap out, it may take hours to systematically disassemble your desk to get to where you need it, just to change it out. Just like with anything mechanical, the important parts are always hard to get to. But with enough dedication and incentive, you can get there, you can swap it out, and you can achieve your goal!

Price – Sure, you look at their site and see the massive price tag. “WOAH! I am not spending 2000 Dollars on a desk.” You know what? It’s that price for a reason. That 150 dollar desk at Ikea has nothing on this. Just like you wouldn’t want to spend 200 bucks on a car, you don’t want to buy a cheap and garbage desk. That cheap car may only start 1/3 times, and have no AC, but if you spend your money right, and bought the best. That car will have all the features you want and more, as well as be able to last even longer. Would you rather spend $2000 and be done? Or spend 150 bucks every few years, fixing it with duct tape, super glue, and random bits you find in the garage? Trust me. The price is worth it.

Assembly – When I got my desk, it didn’t come with directions. It was a complete mess. But just like any good company. They helped me assemble it for almost a month. Yes. 1. Whole. Month. It was brutal, but honestly, who else would stay with you, telling you step by step how to get stuff done? Do you think you can call Best buy and ask them how to wire up your new sound system? Or call Home Depot and spend 6 hours on the phone, asking how to install your new sprinklers? The customer service is the saving grace. With their help, and making each other’s lives as easy as possible, we were able to accomplish it. It was amazing customer service, and if any company does even a tenth of what Siberian Cyber did for me? Well, then everyone with have an A+ from the BBB, and 5 starts on yelp.

William Della Noce

William J. Della Noce is a bleeding edge technology enthusiast, as well as an avid gamer. During the day he is working as an IT professional as he has done for the past 8 years. At night he is either home researching up and coming gadgets or playing both recent and classic video games, on both on console and PC. ‍

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