Review from Justin Mccollum

Review from Justin Mccollum

So when you first get the ICTABLE it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. It comes on a pallet in a million pieces. It’s all good though cause that is what makes the ICTABLE so awesome. It is completely customizable in how you want your table to look like. While building the desk if I ever had any questions the iCTABLE Team would answer them on Facebook within minutes normally.

They are based in California so time zone factors did play a small part. I was unsuccessful building the desk for my buddy who is in a wheelchair, so we asked all of our buddies and we all had no success. Finally we asked Anatoliy, who is by the way the creator himself, if he would be able to send someone out to help finish the desk. This man didn’t just send someone to come help finish it. He sent his own self to come out here and help us first hand.

This dudes customer service is a 10 out of a 5. He finished the desk within 24 hours of coming. Poor man worked all night but us being in Texas we got the man some late night taquitos from whataburger. He enjoyed them but I can’t say enough of how awesome he truly is. Now the desk itself. Oh my God! It is beautiful. Being able to place a race simulator on 3 screens that can be moved around to however I want them is just amazing.

Hiding all the wires is a must have for now on. It used to be just put everything towards the back to hide them. Not anymore! The way the run through out the whole desk is awesome. Now the inside of the beast itself. The spinal cord to hold all the wires is a genius idea in itself. If I ever buy another desk it would be another ICTABLE no doubt about that.

Justin Mccollum

Justin Mccollum is a helpful friend of Veteran, SPC Dillon Cannon, who was wounded in combat and forced into a wheelchair. Dillon still serves his country from his home, while enjoying his life as Co-Captain of Team Defiant and having fun behind the PC. While surrounded by amazing people by the likes of Justin.

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