Review from Chris Dague

The assembly was tricky at first but as soon as I got on a roll with putting it together it went by really quick. What I like about the desk is the surface space it has and the wide variety of different ways that you can use it for any situation that you have.  My experience with the AAS has been great, I have been able to move them whenever I needed to and there is no resistance with any of the moving parts on it that there shouldn’t be. I always had great service from iCTABLE, every time, when I ask any questions they always answer them in a quick manner. I have family members that love the desk and friends that would love to get one of there own down the road for there computer setup.

Chris Dague

Chris is a professional welder and enjoys gaming in his free time. Him and his brother, Michael, both love their iCTABLEs when working and playing.

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