2018 is a year of eSports and has generated a new wave of interest in an exciting current of the entertainment industry: eSports One of the key moments in the development of eSports has been the launch of the largest eSports arena in Las Vegas, located in Luxor casino. Investors and entrepreneurs have followed the sway of the market and have increased the investment into eSports, particularly in the construction of eSports arenas in various regions of the USA. The tremendous growth of eSports in the past few years and the impact of the recent eSports infrastructure boom underscores the relevance of our new product, the world’s fist eSports maChine —iCTABLE eSports Machine Modulatory, customization, ergonomics, compactness, are all features of this new model, defining the vast potential of this product. Furthermore, these characteristics are also relevant for the traditional market of computers for home and office use. However, the eSports market is the primary focus since eSports are the future of the entertainment industry.

From the initial social media launch and now with the launch of the eSports Machine, iCTABLE has appealed to both casual and professional gamers. We have cultivated connections within the eSports community for a long time, including platforms, players, teams, influencers, commentators, developers, and fans. We believe that eSports is the future of entertainment and this market is one of the most important to us. With the launch of the eSports Machine, our engagement with the eSports community has only increased. Teams and platforms from China, US, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Korea, UK, and other countries have expressed major interest in our product and potential partnerships.

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Raising Investments

The development of iCTABLE took many years and was a costly process. Initial financing was done using personal funds and after the US launch we formally turned the page in the book. Previous expenses were cumulatively around $1M, but we made an executive decision to not count them as liabilities and instead only count expenses accrued stateside. This undoubtedly makes the company more attractive for the investors since it does not carry any baggage from before.


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BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES We could never alienate from the modern trends in blockchain technologies and without a doubt in the conceptual development of iCTABLE a huge potential of using the work space as an ideal-integrated product in the world of IoT exists. iCTABLE in essence is a computer in the form of a computer desk which perfectly suits the diverse range of blockchain technology development concepts. For instance, in the case of cryptocurrency, the mining operation can be carried out with utmost comfort and superb efficiency with the secondary system or instead be also used as a server for storing decentralized data as part of its resourcefulness. In any case, as the comfort and compactness of iCTABLE in adding additional computers and systems is already fulfilled, no other device which perfectly aligns itself with the new technological goals and necessities unlike iCTABLE exists.


Ai Xii

Artificial Intelligince is becoming an integral of our lives and we are at the forefront of its development. Our development team are enthusiastically working on a new A.I. system under the name AI XII (“TWELVE”). A virtual friend, advisor, and counselor of its own sort. In other words, your life navigator. A simple outline can be illustrated by the following example: When opting to travel from work to your house… Google Maps: Creates a route Gives the option to find a place to stop for food, gas, or bathroom. AI XII: Redirects to your preferred navigation application with the most comfortable route for you (shortest distanced to conserve mileage or gas, fastest route to get where you want asap, or other). On the way, prompts if you wish to buy your favorite Starbucks coffee. Orders it and notifies you that an old friend just so happens to be there as well. JOB SEARCH Current Systems: Searches for available jobs based on your given parameters. AI XII: Searches for an available job in a certain area according to your chances of landing it. Proposes other options with the highest chances of landing the job based on: - City or area in which your qualities are sought for. - Considers the children and their needs - Considers your family situation - Considers your budget - Considers your religious affiliations Proposes if you wish for it to generate you your portfolio Proposes if you want to send it to the employer

2 600 000 000

2 600 000 000 – that’s how many people will lose their jobs within the next 20 years to AI and automation.




Mark Cuban, billionaire and star investor of the reality show "Shark Tank", gestures as he speaks at the 2017 South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, U.S., on Sunday, March 12, 2017.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can invest in New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. directly.

You can invest in the company using SAFE or a direct shares purchase. You can download sample documents on our Investor Hub, sign them via DocuSign, and transfer the funds. Afterwards, your investment and your ownership will be added to the company’s cap table.

The key difference is that SAFE is a warrant for a future stake in the company while the direct purchase agreement allows investors to instantly become shareholders. Furthermore, SAFE protects investors from dilution and is generally suggested for investors planning to invest less than$10,000. When you invest $25,000 or more through a direct purchase, you will receive preferred shares of the company that cannot be diluted.

Yes, if you come from Wefunder, we will honor all of the terms that were advertised on that platform.

AI Xii is our primary project that can give people around the world a chance to improve the quality of their lives using the power of AI and other cutting-edge technologies. IT will allows people to become more prepared for the changes in the near future that the advancement of AI will bring. To be successful during the age of artificial intelligence, you have to arm yourself with it. The Council of 12 is that weapon that will be necessary for absolutely everyone.



Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement


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