iCTABLE eSports Machine close to completion!

iCTABLE eSports Machine close to completion!

iCTABLE eSports Machine close to completion!

We always strive to make our products so that they can last a lifetime. This means using high-quality materials, utilizing the best craftsmanship, and test all of our components extensively. The iCTABLE frame is a foundation for all iCTABLE models and is a crucial element and what makes iCTABLE so durable. The frame is made out of aluminum extrusion profiles, and the construction of the frame encapsulates our modular design philosophy perfectly. All of our products are modular in nature, and the frame is the basis for all elements that can be fitted onto the frame, from the TKON to decorative elements to AAS. When designing CTABLE eSports Machine, we took our underlying principles of modularity, customizability, and durability and applied them towards creating a more compact model that would nonetheless maintain the optimal proportions and retain the space required to preserve trademark iCTABLE features. After several months of work, we are very close to completing the pre-production model. Undergoing several design iterations, the frame of the eSports Machine is very compact but comfortable for everyday work. We use the same high-quality aluminum extrusion profiles as in the larger models, while the refined construction ensures stability and durability of the eSports Machine. With the work nearly complete, it is time to talk about the advantages of the iCTABLE eSports Machine and why they are superior.

1. Compact

Not everyone needs or wants a large desk capable of supporting 24 monitors, and we realize that. iCTABLE eSports machine maintains optimal proportions in a compact package. We tested various combinations until finding the perfect one for the variety of people so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of iCTABLE on a smaller frame. Compact iCTABLE models are excellent for use in schools, smaller apartments, or eSports arenas.

2. Lightweight and Durable

Built on a aluminum frame, iCTABLE eSports Machine is lightweight and durable. The construction of the frame distributes pressure evenly, while the aluminum frame is capable of withstanding hundreds of kilograms of mass. This model can easily support 2 or 3 heavy duty monitors for the ultimate work or gaming experience. The lightweight nature of the product means it easy to transport, which is ideal for people constantly on the move or for teams and companies that do outdoor and tour events. As with other iCTABLE models, the durability of the eSports Machine is unquestionable, and they will last a lifetime.

3. Modular, Customizable, Innovative

iCTABLE eSports Machine is an iCTABLE model, which means it is modular. All of the components can be fitted in from other iCTABLE models, multiple models can be combined, and it can even be upgraded into other iCTABLEs. Other components are also interchangeable and the new housing system highlights the innovative nature of the product and the modular design philosophy that is the foundation of every iCTABLE. TKON can be used with the iCTABLE eSports Machine, utilizing this new housing system, designed to ensure ease of upgrades and provide freedom of choice to the user. The housing is spacious and can house anything from consoles to TKON to other cases. As all other iCTABLE models, iCTABLE eSports Machine is customizable. From colors to designs and fonts, this model is extremely malleable from the customization perspective. For eSports teams and events, this gives an opportunity to showcase advertisers, while for regular users this provides a chance to make this machine their own. Whatever the intent, the eSports machine is a dream to work with. iCTABLE eSports Machine is the latest installment of the popular iCTABLE lineup. A compact design, a lightweight and durable frame, and modular design make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of users, from gamers and eSports athletes to students and businesses. We are very excited to finally make this product a reality and showcase it to the world with the official worldwide launch later this year.

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