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iCTABLE is a modular, multifunctional workspace that integrates a PC, a computer desk, and a monitor mounting system along with a complex array of features designed to improve the user experience, such as a liquid cooling system, a set of conveniently placed ports, and best-in-class cable management. A synthesis of previously separate components, iCTABLE offers unprecedented value and durability as an ergonomic workspace powerhouse. A regular desk PC uses only 40% of the available surface space while iCTABLE gives 100% of the surface space to its user. Whether working on a project or playing a game, iCTABLE provides a comfortable experience that does not have lasting health effects or deteriorates productivity. And with the support for a multi-monitor setup, iCTABLE can increase work efficiency even further.

iCTABLE Models

iCTABLE is the first step towards our end goal: a Holographic Station based on the new technology- 3D Space work environment. By implementing innovative solutions and based on the modular, multi-monitor, computer integrated design, iCTABLE can be customized to fit any purpose, including, but not limited to: eSports, Gaming, Design, Architecture, Cyber Defense, Financial Market, Government, and Military.


eSports machine

The iCTABLE eSports Machine is specifically designed for for the few who will reign above all and bask in the glory of victory – the ultimate solution for gamers and professional eSports athletes and teams. Modular, adaptable, capable of housing a full PC rig, a console, or both, the iCTABLE eSports Machine features a variety of productivity and performance-enhancing features, health benefits, and excellent ergonomics, which enhance the strengths and improve the weaknesses of the chosen.


iCTABLE-c. A compact version of iCTABLE which retains all of the unique features of iCTABLE+ and PRO. Incredible TKONS, enhanced airflow, reliable Arm Adjustable System, robust and modifiable industrial design. iCTABLE-c will fit into smaller rooms and offices and is the best rest and work space for all!


Incredible TKONS, enhanced airflow, reliable Arm Adjustable System, robust and modifiable industrial design are just the few amazing features of iCTABLE+.


iCTABLE Pro is the most sophisticated version of iCTABLE, designed for users that only want the best. Whatever you do, iCTABLE Pro is the perfect instrument for you. Geared with AAS Pro, LED lighting, and other hallmark iCTABLE features that make iCTABLE Pro the most advanced multi-monitor workstation on the market with up to 16 monitors by default. While custom additions enhance it beyond.


iCTABLE’s possibilities are endless. Being completely modular, you can customize every detail of your perfect workstation and combine different elements to your imagination. The only limitation is your creativity!


Special edition iCTABLE Pro machines specifically designed for the United States military. Available to only U.S. Citizens.

"The world that we live in today has changed, but the workspace hasn't adapted to it. We've created the work environment for the high-tech world. And we are continuing to redefine the means for the workspace to interact with the ever-changing world of tomorrow.



iCTABLE eXpansion


iCTABLE is the new, revolutionary product that combines excellent ergonomics with the best performance and productivity-enhancing features. Most notably, the Arm Adjustable System - an extraordinary multi-monitor, adjustable, and extremely mobile system - perfect for a multiple monitor setup!


PCB Ports System is one of the more significant features of iCTABLE. Part of the iCTABLE Adaptive Design philosophy, the PCB Ports System is used to transform iCTABLE into a workstation specific to your needs. It does so by using the border and decorative frame covers to create hidden passages for PCB Hubs. The PCB Hubs are the key components of the Ports System and are a set of high-quality PCB Hubs which include a various combinations of USB 3.0, SD, mSD, Audio, and USB 3.1 Ports (coming soon). These PCB Hubs are tested individually for quality. However, the true importance of the PCB Hubs and the PCB Ports System itself, is its promise of the future –the PCB Ports System was developed with the intention of using it as a basis for Holographic Projection Modules to realize iCTABLE’s end goal: a true Holographic Station


The iCTABLE Adaptable Design philosophy is a hallmark of iCTABLE. This philosophy allows unprecedented freedom of choice and creativity. You are able to change virtually anything in the construction and design of iCTABLE. From colors and textures to decorative panels and profiles, iCTABLE is open to all sorts of creative meddling and modification. You can easily change the looks and the functionality of your setup by varying the combinations of the AAS and other features, something unachievable with normal desks and regular multiple-monitor stands. iCTABLE is also 3D Printer Friendly, permitting anyone to print their own design of several decorative elements, further personalizing your iCTABLE.


The eSports market is one of the fastest growing in the world, going from a simple gathering of friends to internationally televised events with many professional teams competing for multi-million dollar prizes. To answer the new demand for this market, we launched the iCTABLE eSports Machine, designed to benefit eSports athletes.

Top 3 eSports Earning Countries


iCTABLE has many incredible features that make an experience with iCTABLE unforgettable and various systems that are specifically engineered to enhance the integrated computer’s performance. The most remarkable of all is The King Of Net System – an aggregation of electronic and mechanical components interconnected in a compact design for utmost efficiency. iCTABLE solves the problem of tedious upgrades by making all computer components easily accessible and removable. Through features designed to make upgrades quick and seamless, improving or changing the computer components is very simple.



iCTABLE is ultra-adaptable, able to fit into any environment due to its enhanced ergonomics, dimensions and adaptability. The dimensions of iCTABLE are designed with optimized precision allowing to place it in any environment, home or work iCTABLE will fit perfectly. Additionally, iCTABLE feels very familiar in size because it is similar to the standard desks and workstations, but iCTABLE is able to provide much more.


iCTABLE allows you to use the entire surface of the workstation without clustering it with wires and cables. This is achieved through several amazing features that iCTABLE provides. With AAS and the Ports system, all wires run through the frame and never impede the work process. By freeing the entire surface of iCTABLE from clutter, you are able to use the workspace more efficiently and add more accessories and peripherals.


While many of iCTABLE's features improve on the performance, they also enhance the ergonomics of iCTABLE. Through cutting-edge technologies such as the Arm Adjustable System, which allows the user to find the ideal positioning of the monitors and drastically decrease the health risks and also to radically increase the usable area of valuable workspace. iCTABLE significantly improves the user experience.