How to make an eSports ARENA

As the eSports gain in popularity(over 256 million people watching at least once), the demand for quality venues will rise accordingly. Already, many eSports arenas are popping up in Europe, Asia, and the United States. As much as online streams have boosted the popularity of eSports, watching in the crowd beats seating in front of a computer screen. Of course, the attraction drives major crowds to stadiums and other locales, but specialized arenas are offering much more entertainment value for the spectators compared to traditional venues. eSports are similar to professional sports in many aspects, and yet some of the characteristics can still be professionalized because eSports are so unique in other regards that creating a proper arena requires more than simply erecting the stands and a stage. Hosting a tournament in the eSports arena is always preferable to playing in a computer club. After all, the players and the fans alike want to release and generate emotions, and doing that is so much better at a proper venue. An eSports arena does not have to be particularly large, a venue capable of hosting 5,000-15,000 is sufficient in most cases and will not be either overwhelmed with crowds or downtrodden by empty seats. Of course, as eSports evolve, larger arenas will be necessary, some, perhaps, rivaling major stadiums in size. Managing the stands, the main stage, and the exits are of major importance and should be in chief consideration. But what are the elements which make eSports arenas unique? What must be inserted to ensure a high level of comfort and a competitive atmosphere? Well, a central stage, a large screen, lighting, a concessions room, a media room, players’ lounge, training rooms, press room, press lounge, entertainment zone, and of course, eSports Machine.


Central stage is where all of the excitement of battle collide with fame and glory. A dozen of contestants pitted against each other in frenzy of battle. Having a proper central stage is of utmost importance, complete with informational screens, eSports Machines, and an overhead display. The details on how it is to be accomplished are best left to the owners, but the general idea should remain the same.


As any player will tell, preparation is key. Having a set of training rooms that could be used by teams immediately before competition or during the training cycle could be of great benefit to the arena and to the players. The arenas can rent out these rooms during the week and provide access during competitions. The teams will be able to prepare in a professional environment and before games, have a chance to iron out last-minute kinks.


The arena is built for the entertainment of the fans, but one must not forget about the players. The players’ lounge can be a great place to relax before, during, and after the games, mingle with other participants, and observe the competition. Couches, TV’s, computers, food and drinks are all included.


Production aspect is what largely makes eSports unique, and having a dedicated space for production purposes inside an arena is excellent news for interested parties. Imagine popular streamers attending and doing a live stream directly from the event. This means more exposure for the arena and this space can also be rented out for individuals and companies looking for a similar arrangement.

Maintenance and Preparation:

installation of a motherboard

iCTABLE eSports Machine
15-20 min
Regular desk
1 Hour

Fan replacement

iCTABLE eSports Machine
7 min
Regular desk
30 min

Top surface dust cleaning

iCTABLE eSports Machine
15 sec
Regular desk
2 min