BITCOIN or eSports: Investment Strategy

BITCOIN or eSports: Investment Strategy

BITCOIN or eSports: Investment Strategy

There are two markets that have gained enormous traction in the past few years. Both experience astounding growth and both feature strong communities. These two markets are Bitcoin and eSports. The Bitcoin mania is ever in the news, with thousands of people rushing to invest. eSports is consistently beating expectations as it continues its mercurial rise. Recently, Bitcoin has achieved a greater level of notoriety when it traded for $10,000 for 1 BTC. This is an important milestone for Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency attempt to compete with traditional economics. Naturally, with so much press coverage and impressive numbers, more and more people want to get into Bitcoin and earn millions in the process. But how feasible is this strategy? Is it worth it? Is it safe enough? Or is investing in eSports a better and more profitable strategy?

eSports is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, with high revenues and a vast community. eSports revenues were valued at $325 million in 2015, at $493 in 2016, and $696 in 2017. The projections for 2020 show eSports revenues reach $1.5 billion. This incredible growth presents an opportunity for interested parties to invest early in eSports companies when they are still early-stage. Consider this: New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. is offering its shares for $.50. In just a few years, the company shares can be worth more than a hundred dollars, a 200x increase in value. No investment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can match this growth.

Investing in Bitcoin was feasible in 2010, when then nascent cryptocurrency could be acquired for just 6 cents. Investing now, even with the assumption that Bitcoin will be worth 20,000 US dollars, would mean a 2x return on investment—nothing when compared to possible dividends from investing in eSports. Add to that the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, security risks, lack of consumer protection, reliance on miners, and other issues and investing in Bitcoin does not seem wise any longer.

eSports has its origins in informal online and offline gatherings, which later evolved into a competitive multi-million dollar industry with professional teams operating much like professional sports teams and a spectatorship rivaling that of sports, particularly in Asia. Many prominent clubs and organizations, like Golden State Warriors, Real Madrid, and PSG now operate eSports teams. Recognized as an athletic discipline in many countries, eSports communities are increasing in size and numbers, and there are new companies and platforms emerging that are facilitating the development of the community. One such platforms is eSports Universe, a UK-based startup that organizes eSports tournaments and events for players around the world. It’s a fantastic way for gamers to get together and compete for prizes, while retaining the spirit of camaraderie that permeates the very essence of eSports. The work of these new companies will ensure the continued growth and development of eSports as an industry.

Big crowds are expected at the 2107 League of Legends World Championship in Beijing on Nov. 4, and the Downtown Grand hopes to capitalize on the action in Las Vegas. (Image: eSports Marketing Blog)

That is not to say that Bitcoin does not have its own community. In fact, cryptocurrency community is indeed very active on the internet. The issue is not with their enthusiasm or zeal—it is the fact that they are promoting a market which is inherently risky and that is minuscule compared to eSports and gaming communities and does not have the same potential for growth. Many ICOs are outright scams, and any Bitcoin transaction, shrouded in anonymity, has a high chance of fraud. , once the Bitcoin is transferred, it cannot be returned. Trust and transparency are the foundation of business and successful mutual transactions, and Bitcoin does not inspire much confidence. Already, many governments have tightened restrictions on ICO(cryptocurrency version of an IPO), like the United States, or have banned the cryptocurrencies exchanges, like China. Some have even banned the cryptocurrencies altogether. It is very unlikely that anyone will be able to completely destroy cryptocurrencies—it would be akin to destroying the internet. But is very likely that there will be heavy regulation of the cryptocurrency activity within the jurisdiction of the government. For example, IRS has requested the information of almost 15,000 people from Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. The SEC has classified many of cryptocurrencies as securities and ICOs as unlawful attempts at raising money from unaccredited investors. This is a trend that will continue

While Bitcoin has failed to become universally adopted as a payment method, eSports and gaming industry are transcending the traditional entertainment industry. Companies like Activision are comparing sales of their latests titles to ticket sales of blockbuster movies and the production for video games is already a multi-million dollar venture complete with professional voiceover, score, and marketing. eSports tournaments are televised events that attract millions of viewers, and more and more eSports venues arise daily. The fast development of virtual reality and its implementation adds to the entertainment value of gaming and eSports. The very future of entertainment itself rests with eSports and gaming, as more and more young people are attracted to millions of engaging narratives and contests.

 TKON – The King of Net – Decentralized Cloud Storage

Furthermore, it is the blockchain technology powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that has real value and real-world applications for in various fields that require transparency and accountability rather than the Bitcoin itself. For example, decentralized cloud storage platform, like The King of Net, use blockchain, cryptocurrency, and hardmining for a highly secure decentralized network for storing data. eSports, too, can stand to benefit from the blockchain technology. Decentralization of tournaments can lead to greater advantages for each individual gamer, and even the playing field for amateur players attempting to go pro. Blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens can be used for transactions within the system, or earned by playing—the possibilities are numerous.

Overall, investing is a risky proposition, no matter the market. And yet, it is possible to minimize the risks by doing due diligence and understanding the issues. It is highly possible that Bitcoin is in a bubble right now and investing in one is disastrous. This is a view shared by Elliot Prechter, a man who predicted the rise of Bitcoin. On the other hand, you have a booming eSports market, with millions of active fans, high profile teams, and great potential for future growth. Many have rued not investing in Bitcoin early. Many have rued not investing in Oculus Rift, which was sold for $2 billion. Many will rue not investing in eSports. Make the right choice by investing now.

At the moment, New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. is preparing a world launch event for iCTABLE eSports Machine with the participation of major YouTubers, prominent eSports organizations and platforms, and top professional eSports teams from Europe and USA. The expected audience reach worldwide is 8M. We are planning to hold this event in May-June of 2018, and preparations are already underway.

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