Regular multi-monitor systems are a double-edged sword; compensating flexibility, adjustability, and ergonomics for more weight support and vice versa.
Multi-monitor setups of two to four monitors can be setup with the outdated clamp mechanisms. Fundamentally, the clamp mechanism relies on a tiny fulcrum and an even less impressive tightening mechanism to hold several pounds of weight on the Monitor Arm. When a setup requires 9, 12, or even 24 monitors for large scale setups there are two options. The first: use the wall as the mounting point. This would allow for the stable mounting of the monitors, but would require, in most cases, a renovation of the entire wall. Moreover, to reduce the stress on the modified wall, adjustability must be heavily reduced. The second option: multi-monitor stands. Although they do their duty, multi-monitor stands are overpriced and completely ignore the importance of ergonomics. The monitor mounts are unable to be adjusted if necessary nor flexible enough to adapt to future upgrades and changes.
The iCTABLE Arm Adjustable System (AAS) an extraordinary multi-monitor, adjustable, and extremely mobile system – perfect for a multiple monitor setup! The AAS allows the user to find the ideal positioning of the monitors and drastically decrease the health risks and also to radically increase the usable area of valuable workspace. Significantly improving the user experience.
In order to suffice adjustability and stability, the Monitor Arms are installed into the Metal Base, which serves the foundation for the AAS. With the help of the Metal Base, the AAS merges with the frame of iCTABLE, significantly increasing the stability and durability of the AAS without hindering the mobility of the Monitor Arms. Furthermore, the Metal Base allows for quick installations, changes, and upgrades to the monitor setups while completely removing the obsolete clamp mechanism.
The AAS is extremely versatile. With the addition of the multitude of accessories available, the myriad of options are further expanded. While by combining the accessories or adding custom elements, the perfect multi-monitor setup can be tailored to the user’s needs.
For professionals or those who seek two-or-more-level multi-monitor setups, the iCTABLE Pro with the AAS Wall is imperative. The AAS Wall, by default, is a two-level system of the AAS. However, it’s basic and most paramount feature is that with it, a need for an actual wall for mounting a large amount or heavy duty monitors becomes obsolete. The AAS Wall, almost literally, is a replacement for a wall. With it, there is no need to reinforce the walls in buildings or facilities, while not limiting the adjustability of the Monitor Arms as stands do. Each Monitor Arm of a 9, 12, or 24 setup is as adjustable, flexible, and mobile as a single Monitor Arm. And when combined together, the entire setup can be adjusted at any moment for any specific need. For instance, for the 16K Gaming Setup, the 4×4 setup had to have curvature on both sides and top to create a more immersive experience.

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