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Touch Screen Module
4K Touch Screen Monitor with Motorized 3-Axis Full Control
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Touch Screen Adapter
Pen computer (Such as Wacom MobileStudio) Module Adapter with Motorized 3-Axis Full Control
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Scheduled year of official release: 2018
The reservation of the discounted price does not include in itself the full price of the module(s) nor the price(s) of the iCTABLE model(s). When purchasing your iCTABLE model, you will need to select the Touch Screen Module or Touch Screen Adapter upgrade to the model(s) of your choice, and use the individual code(s) provided from the purchase(s) of the $100 reservation fee(s). To secure the price for several Touch Screen Modules the respective amount of reservation purchases is required. Cancellation of the purchase is unavailable. No refunds will be made under any circumstances. The discount code for the purchase at the secured price will be sent to your email specified within 24 hours.