iCTABLE Adaptive Design philosophy is a hallmark of iCTABLE, allowing unprecedented freedom of choice and creativity. You can change virtually anything in the construction and design of iCTABLE, from colors and textures to decorative panels and profiles.
iCTABLE Adaptive Design is a unique philosophy based on our desire to bring an unparalleled amount of customizability to the computer integrated workstation. The key elements of this philosophy are the Decorative Elements, which bring a myriad of colors, textures and materials to your iCTABLE.

All iCTABLE Machine


Change Panel and Components any time

Adaptive Design allows the user to change various elements of iCTABLE at any time, such as side panels, decorative elements, and other parts of iCTABLE.


The PCB covers are also part of Adaptive Design. It is an important design element which allows making the color accents more intriguing. Moreover, the ability to interchange the PCB covers for a different color expands the personalization of your work environment and makes it more artistic and modern. Showoff your designer talents in all its glory!

Small yet Significant

The Corner Cup of iCTABLE is unique in its own way: not only is it striking on the outside, but it’s also functional, with the option to be removed and replaced at any time and decorated with color accents on top using Corner Cup Layers.

First Step to the 3D Space Desk

The use of colored layers on the top panel of iCTABLE is one of the first steps towards the concept of iCTABLE 3D Space! In the future, you will be able to upgrade the top of your iCTABLE with a Touch Screen Module, making your work space more advanced! At the moment, Tempered Glass Top customized with a beautiful print underneath creates an atmosphere of your choosing.

Light it up!


You are also able to go a step forward with personal customization – light up your iCTABLE with the LED RGB Kit! The LED Kit includes the necessary LED Stripes for you to install onto the Frame Covers, adding an additional layer of personalization to your iCTABLE. Create a more dramatic experience using RGB LED Stripe. Choose any color with a touch of finger to accentuate the colors of iCTABLE and electrify the world around you.

Functional Beauty of AAS Covers

The Arm Adjustable System (AAS) also includes the AAS Covers – decorative elements for the iCTABLE AAS. Available in many colors, they give the desired design accents on the Monitor Arm(s), underlining the elegance and modern look of iCTABLE. Additionally, the AAS Cover acts as a gateway for cable channels to monitors, audio speakers, and other peripherals. If you wish to further customize the AAS cover, you can install an LED Strip.